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Candy from Candy can be a great gift and something fun for parties and special events. We have provided many very special types of candy for your enjoyment. We have also selected various books that show you how to make your own Candy.

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Make your own Candy...
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All kinds of candy for parties and holidays

Make your own Candy...
Deluxe Cotton Candy Maker
By: General Creation LLC
The cotton candy maker is composed of five pieces, including a charger and plug. By following the very explicit directions, children can make small batches of delicious cotton candy in one minute. Four AA batteries (not included) are required for the tabletop machine, and care should be taken to clean the unit as instructed or the sugar will clog the works. Four plastic and five paper sticks allow kids to share with others or to take the sweet snack on the move. More Info click here.
Sweet Treats Candy Maker with Refill
By: Tara Toys
Fun, educational and durabil. Makes candy, pixie stick candy straws, and fruit rollups. Makes a great gift for a birthday.The clean up is hard, but it is a great toy. More Info click here.
Buy Chocolates that are define...
French Chocolates for someone special French Chocolates for someone special Contrary to popular belief, the finest chocolates are made by small, lesser-known French craftsmen -- not by well-advertised and expensive brands. These are the greatest chocolates you will find anywhere. They provide hundreds of unique selections of Chocolates. More Info click here. Survival Pack contains the perfect dosage of pure, hand-made French chocolate to transform the gloomiest of days into an enchanting journey. Precisely proportioned to fit neatly in a briefcase or purse, it is an ideal prescription for uplifting one from the doldrums. More Info click here.
Tired of boring parties? Click here to add lots of fun to your next party
Little girls just wanna have fun! Extensive selection of quality Mexican handmade party piņatas for boys and girls.
All kinds of candy for parties and holidays
Great Holiday Candy Box filled to the top with candy from the 50's, 60's and 70's. It makes a perfect gift for that 'Hard to Buy' person in your family. Inside the box you'll find Chuckles, Mallo Cups, Freshen Up Gum, Jujubes and much more. Buy Skybars, Zotz, Sen Sen, French Taffy, Gold Mine Gum, Teaberry, Candy Cigarettes, Bit-O-Honey, Root Beer Barrels, and Jujubes.
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