Salute to the Astronauts of the Columbia Space Craft

The quiet Saturday morning of 2/1/03 was shattered by the sonic boom of the tragedy of the Columbia space shuttle breaking up at 207,135 feet above Earth. The spacecraft was exposed to re-entry temperatures of 3,000 degrees while traveling at 12,500 mph, or 18 times the speed of sound. The accident killed Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli in space, Americans Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, William McCool and Columbia commander Rick Husband. Their death stunned the world and brought attention to the space program that has languished over the past few years with no significant accomplishment. Their tragic death hopefully will awaken the need for us to rekindle our spirit in the quest to be able to leave our planet and probe our galaxy and universe.

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Books about the Columbia and the Space program
Clothing and other great NASA memorabilia to help us remember this tragic event

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Books about the Columbia and the Space program
Columbia: First Flight of the Space Shuttle (Countdown to Space)
By: Michael D. Cole
The shuttle program is covered by George Fichter in The Space Shuttle (Watts, 1981; o.p.), which includes the first flight of Columbia, but in less detail than Cole provides. Gregory Vogt also covers the entire shuttle program in The Space Shuttle (Millbrook, 1991), but for a slightly older audience. Cole's books will be useful for report writers as well as appealing to browsers. Good choices for anyone looking for fresh material on space flights More Info click here.
Floating in Space (Let'S-Read-And-Find-Out Science Series)
By: True Kelley (Illustrator), Franklyn Mansfield Branley
Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut? Wondered what it might be like to see the sun set sixteen times in one day? Open this book and be transported on an information-packed voyage aboard the space shuttle. True Kelley’s kid-friendly diagrams and illustrations and Franklyn Branley’s straightforward text reveal what astronauts eat, how they move, and what kinds of work they do in space. More Info click here.
Man on the Moon
By: Anastasia Suen, Benrei Huang (Illustrator
It was 1969 and no one had ever set foot on the moon. Some said it couldn't be done. But astronauts Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong were going to try . . . Here in picture book format is the amazing true story of the first moon landing, when a man set foot on an unexplored world and showed us that the boundaries of our world were limitless. More Info click here.
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Clothing and other great NASA memorabilia to help us remember this tragic event
Get your own NASA jacket or Polo shirt Get your own NASA jacket or Polo shirt The Space Store always has something on sale including items such as NASA shirts, space toys, and books. Large selection of NASA logo clothing, hats, astronaut costumes and outfits, from newborn to XXL astronauts, they can take care of them all! Polo shirts, flight suits, t-shirts, hats, helmets and more. More Info click here. Lean about the Space program Lean about the Space program With the terrible tragedy that happened we should take the time to learn more about this program and what these men and women were doing. Learn about the Space program by the space model kits and quality desktop models of the NASA Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Saturn V Rocket and more. Read books on the program to help keep alive the program and the memory of those great astronauts that died in the Columbia. More Info click here.
Pioneers in Space Pioneers in Space

The early years of the NASA and the Space Race come alive in this thrilling program.

Apollo 13 Apollo 13

In many ways, the failed moon mission was one of NASA's finest moments.

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