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Learn a language at KoolkidStuff.com Foreign Languages are so important in our shrinking world. Being able to talk to people of other cultures in their own language will enhance our quest for peace global friendship and international business.Learn to speak a foreign language fluenly by focusing on speaking, reading and writing. To gain the experience of a foreign language, view foreign movies that are readily available and download foreign newspapers off of the web.

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Languages in General

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Languages in General
iLoveLanguages - Your Guide to Languages on the Web
This is a very informative website. It has 196 different languages and will take you to all the different links for information or to learn the language itself. It makes a great reference site too for students as well as teachers. Not only does it go into speaking different languages orally it also contains ASL information for people who know or are learning or interested in signing language. Tons of information to be found in this site. More Info click here.
Graduate Schools, Study Abroad, ESL and more - PlanetEdu
This is a great site for getting information about studying abroad. Information about schools that focus on foreign languages overseas. From France to Spain, you can find out how to go about being able to go abroad to study. Not only for languages, it had information about volunteering and internships. Full of useful information, focuses on studying overseas. More Info click here.
Tutorial - Learning
This is a great site to purchase Language Tutorial Information. It has every type of language you could possible imagine. But it is mostly products to buy. More Info click here.
Foreignword.com - The Language Site: Online dictionaries & free translation tools
This is a great site for translations. It's easy to use and easy to get around in. You can type in a word and get the translation in any language. You can also download a Free translation wizard that will access any word right at your pc. More Info click here.
FREELANG - Italian-English and English-Italian free dictionary
This is a free dictionary for download. It also has other languages you can download too. More Info click here.
Free Online Language Courses
This is a great website with tons of information for every type of lanuguage you might wish to learn for free.This site gives many links on any language in the world. It is very helpful with basic words and or phrases. You must download to information into your computer but it will enrich your life to learn a foreign lanugage. More Info click here.
Learn Spanish: A Free Online Grammar Tutorial
This is just what it says it is. A online grammer tutorial. It is very easy to go around in and will start with different units. It goes from genders of nouns to speaking actual sentences in Spanish. I believe any school age child could work there way through the different units. More Info click here.
Learn Spanish
This is a great and easy website to access to help you learn spanish. It gives you easy interpretations of words and phrases to help the process of learning spanish easier. It also takes you from beginner to advance for word and phrase knowledge. More Info click here.
Learn French with The French Tutorial at frenchtutorial.com
This is a fabulous site. It will help you learn any French word you like. Not only that, it is interactive and will open up your media player and pronounce the word for you 4 or 5 times. It is easy to get around and very interesting. It will take you through the alphabet first, and teach you the sounds and pronuciations of each letter. More Info click here.
FranceKeys.com Listen and Speak some French
This is a great interactive site. It takes you from basic French to full sentences and is easy to get around in. It also contains many links to other French sites and information on many things about France. More Info click here.
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Learn German Online Free - Write or Speak in German Language Exchange
This is a great interactive site that provides you with a partner to learn to communicate with. They will find someone for you to be able to have a German pen pal who is learning to speak your own language and you will learn German with this person as well as this person will learn your language at the same time. More Info click here.
Fodors.com - Living Language
This site is actually good for learning just basic information for traveling and speaking 4 differnet languages. German, Spainish, French and Italian. It gives you basic words for travelers who wish to communicate with the native people of these countries. Useful words, sentences, dining out information and how to get around. This is a great site. More Info click here.
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