Go Karts, Maintenance and Strategy

Karting for fun Go Karting is a fun and exciting ride for young and old alike. Go Karting is actually the world's most popular motor sport. Kids love the feeling of being able to drive before they actually have a driver's license. It's for boys and girls. Go Karts can travel 25 mph to 40 mph. These speeds may sound slow but when you are 6 inches off the ground, they are very fast. Please encourage and enforce the wearing of safety gear while your children are riding or driving on Go Karts. Watch your children closely while they are driving.

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Brand new late model Go Karts
Go Kart buying off of Ebay
Book on the Sport of Karting
Books on Go Kart Engines and Repairs
Helmets for your Go Kart Safety - Don"t be a statistic!

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Brand new late model Go Karts
Carter Brothers 6.5 HP Mini Monster Truck and Go-karts
"Carter Brothers 6.5 HP Mini Monster Truck, Model# 1825"

"7ft. long monster truck replica with 6.5 HP Tecumseh electric start engine. 3:1 gear ratio and two-way adjustable single seat. 8in. tires, 3:1 gear ratio and ABS plastic body looks just like the real thing! 1in. enclosed live axle and dual band brakes. Truck Ship. Seat belt and loc-tite jack shaft TAV torque converter"

More Info click here.
Great Go-Karts
"FREE SHIPPING - Carter Brothers 6.5 HP Double Seat Go-Kart, Model# 2606-KX" "FREE SHIPPING - Carter Brothers 6.5 HP Double Seat Go-Kart, Model# 2606-KX"

"Stitched double seat cushion plus 3-point seat belt for great comfort. Red frame has nose cone and Nerf padded side bars. 15/6.00 x 6in. rear tires; 13/5.00 x 6in. front. Belt clutch and stub axle. KartWheels decal. Overall size: 67 1/2in. L x 40in. W x 52in. H. Truck Ship. U.S.A. 6.5 HP Tecumseh Engine O/V, 4 cycleRoom for two in double seatLights for safer action after sunset!Padded brush guards!Seat belts included"

More Info click here.
Go Kart buying off of Ebay
Go Karts and Karting accessories on Ebay
Ebay has all your Go Kart needs. They have an ever changing variety of Go Karts, Go Kart parts and racing Go Karts. Kits to build your own Go Kart and parts to repair your existing Go Kart. Ebay is a tried and true company that stands behind the buyers coming to its' site. Check out their large listing of Go Kart items. More Info click here.
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Book on the Sport of Karting
Karting! A Complete Introduction
By: Jean L. Genibrel (Author), Philipe Dahn
Written to answer every question prospective karters and their parents may have, this book addresses all aspects of the sport that has groomed young drivers for the top echelons of professional automobile racing. "Karting A Complete Introduction" is very well written, edited with excellent photography. More Info click here.
Competitive Karting
By: Gary Martin, Nancy Durning (Editor), Margaret Harris (Editor)
A great book and by far the most up to date book on kart racing. The technical details for setting up a kart were much better than most other books available. More Info click here.
Books on Go Kart Engines and Repairs
How to Repair Briggs and Stratton Engines
By: Paul Dempsey
An updated, practical, step-by-step guide to repairing Briggs & Stratton engines, which power a wide variety of go-karts. This edition includes the latest information on both new and old engines, as well as a new section on engine components and types. More Info click here.
Chilton's Small Engine Repair Up to 20 Hp
By: Kerry A. Freeman (Editor)
This is by far the most complete and informational book on small engine repair according to readers. It covers everything -- from carburetor cleaning and maintenance to a complete overhaul. Contains technical information and specs (clearances, tolerances, spark plug gaps, etc...) If you are looking to buy a small engine repair book, buy this one! Covers Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh (2 & 4 stroke), Kohler, and more. More Info click here.
Helmets for your Go Kart Safety - Don't be a statistic!

Protecting yourself or the rider of a Go Kart from serious head injuries, is very important. Many Go Kart riders do not see the need of wearing a helmet, but really the speed and the freedom that the Go Kart gives the driver warrents the use of a helment. Buy one that is attractive and fits well and much of the resistance to wearing it is gone… THH-888 CLASSIC: WINE

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