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Homework Help for all ages from KoolKidStuff.com A free resource providing homework help in science, math, English, Lanquage, sports, entertainment, technology, business, history, education, and health. We also have free learning CD's. The web is a wonderful place to research school projects and find information today for all subjects. If you know of other important resources, please email Stacie (Stacie527@aol.com )

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Some Great Places To Get Help on many subjects

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Help By Subject Category
All About MathMath
Math, Adding, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Algebra, Geometry, Trigometry, Calculus, and advanced math homework help. A good grasp of math will help in science, finance, and in everyday life. More Info click here.
All About English at KoolkidStuff.comEnglish
English, Literature, Grammar, word building and help on learning prose and the basic of writing well. Lack a good grasp of English and all your other studies will suffer. More Info click here.
All About History at KoolkidStuff.comHistory
History can be very exciting and helpful to us in learning how civilization dealt with many events. Learn about the causes of Wars, the fall of country and people who help change the world we live in. More Info click here.
social studies facts at koolkidstuff.comSocial Studies
Social Studies or Social Science is the knowledge that relates to man as member of society and spans subjects such as economics, politics, ethics, sociology, education and any other field dealing with human society. More Info click here.
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Kids Educational (Math) Software - FREE CD's
The wonderful world of science at KoolkidStuff.comScience
The exciting subjects of how we all got here and how everything works. Biology, chemistry, physics, cosmology, astronomy, botany, geology, astronomy, and Entomology are some of the sciences offered. More Info click here.
All About Technology and ComputersComputers and Technology
The science that is the foundation of our present day society. Technology and how computers help to change the world we live in. What are computers, what are quantum computers. Who is Bill Gates? More Info click here.
Physical Education and how it helps us. Koolkidstuff.comPhysical Education and Health
Learn about your favorite sport and how it makes you a better and healthier human being. Learn about Blood and all your parts and how they work and why we have them. More Info click here.
Music and Art at KoolkidStuff.comMusic and Art
How musical instruments work and how we make music. Learn about art and why it is important to our everyday lifes. What is art and how has it changed over the last few centuries. More Info click here.
Foreign Languages
Languages In General - help on French, Spanish, Lessons for beginners, Learning the Arabic Language, Language Resources, Latin=English Dictionary and help in German and Japanese. More Info click here.
Fun Things To Study
Fun Stuff For Preschoolers and Elementary - Fun Stuff For Kids ages 10 -150 - Lots of interesting word games - great things to know or build and more. More Info click here.
Best Converting - Kids
Kids Educational (Math) Software - FREE CD's
Reference Desk
Find on-line Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronym Finder, On Line Calculator, Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Conversion References and more! More Info click here.
Super Search Engines
We provide you a list of various seach engines that can help you find the information you are looking for. Some search Engines produce different results for the same search words. More Info click here.
Some Great Places To Get Help on many subjects
Roget's Thesaurus Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
Encyclopedia Britannica High School Hub academic resources for High School Students
Kids Web - The Digital Library for K-12 students Acronyms and Abbreviations - The Acronym Database
The Internet Public Library Human Languages Page
My Homework Helper A huge site full of help on all subjects. 1-College DIAL-A-TEACHER ON-LINE is a free service to help students. Grade 1-12 only.
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space lets you see pictures of space, learn about rocketry, or search their pages for a specific topic. Many kinds of dictionaries in one
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