Mario Kart Game N64 and Mario for the Game Boy Advanced

Mario Kart Games Mario Kart is a fabulous game that puts you on the edge of your seat. with its great steering and beautiful graphics. You won't be able to put it down (unless u have a job to do). It's going to bring back memory from when you were a kid playing with that old Nintendo. The sequel to one of the most loved, most played games in history features 20 visually stunning stimulating courses. Super Mario Kart has taken the best of the old and combined it with the best of the new for an unprecedented gaming experience, complete with all the favorite characters. As I said, you wont be able to put it down with it's four progressively tougher four-track circuits and hi speed action. All karts have unique handling, acceleration and top speed capabilities.The true test of karting competence, comes on the four tracks in Special Cup. Zip through the dark caves and green hillsides of Donkey Kong's Jungle Parkway, cling to the sheer cliffs of Yoshi Valley and hustle over haunted Banshee Boardwalk before tackling the longest track in the game: neon-lit Rainbow Road. This game you will love!

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Mario Kart Games for different systems
Books on Super Mario - Lean how to achieve a better score.
Some Mario Cheats - score higher with these tips!
Magazines about Mario games and games in general.

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Mario Kart Games for different systems
Mario Kart 64
By: Nintendo
Super Mario Kart, one of the greatest head-to-head titles ever released for the cartridge systems, is back, this time for the Nintendo 64. There's a whole new set of courses, new racers, slick 3-D graphics, and most surprisingly, a four-player simultaneous play option. More Info click here.
Mario Kart Super Circuit
By: Nintendo
Nintendo's winning streak of rehashing and enhancing classic Super Nintendo games for the tiny Game Boy Advanced screen continues with this surprisingly addictive arcade racer. For those new to the Mario Kart game series, Nintendo mascots (Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, etc.) race go-carts along fantastic tracks that feature various offensive and defensive power-ups (banana peels and mushroom boosts, to name two). Accumulate enough points and you'll win circuit trophies. More Info click here.
Limited Edition Midnight Blue Game Boy Advance and Mario Kart Game Pack
By: Nintendo
This special Game Boy Advance bundle includes a limited-edition midnight blue game console and the popular kart-racing game Mario Kart: Super Circuit. Game Boy Color owners will find the GBA's larger screen somewhat darker than they're used to, but that's because the screen is outfitted with antiglare technology. Like the old Game Boy Color, the color LCD is not backlit, so you need pretty good light to play by. More Info click here.
FREE CD ROM: Inside Magic!
FREE CD ROM: Inside Magic!
Books on Super Mario - Lean how to achieve a better score.
Super Mario Sunshine Official Strategy Guide
By: Bradygames
BradyGames Super Mario Sunshine Official Strategy Guide provides squeaky-clean strategy, giving players everything they need to clean up the mess in every area and save Mario's vacation--and his reputation! The complete walkthrough of every episode of the game will show players the path to collecting all 120 Shine Sprites--including the secret ones. More Info click here.
Super Mario 64: Survival Guide
By: J. Douglas Arnold, Zach Meston, Mark Elies
SUPER MARIO 64 SURVIVAL GUIDE is a complete guide for "The Best Game Ever Made" from start to finish, including all 120 stars. Maps for difficult areas of the game. Having problems with those tricky jumps? Keep getting killed by those cute-but-deadly bosses? Want to know where to find every star? You'll find it all in the pages of the SUPER MARIO 64 SURVIVAL GUIDE, your ticket to learning SUPER MARIO 64 in and out. More Info click here.
Some Mario Cheats - score higher with these tips!
Some need to know Mario Cheats
Bannana Power:

When you hit a bannana peel hit your brakes immediately, this prevents you from spinning out. Then after one second of being on the break, hit the gas. This prevents you from losing a baloon.

Speed Boast:

As soon as the light turns blue hit and hold the gas. This will give you a turbo boast. Don't hold the buttons too soon. You will spin out instead.

Power Slide:

The color of your smoke. When the smoke color is orange let go of the button for a speed burst On the rainbow road before the huge downward drop right when you start, veer to your left and land on the new platform. This helps you eliminate the enemy.

More Mario Cheats
The Ghost rider:

If you beat any of these tracks under the given time. The you will be racing a ghost.
Luigi Circuit - Under 1:51.
Mario raceway - Under 1:30.
Royal Raceway - Under 2:40

Huge Short Cut on Rainbow Road:

When the race starts get the speed burst right before you reach the huge slope turn left and try to jump off the road and try to land on the other side.
Getting back into the race fast:

When the little guy picks you up from falling off a cliff, once the screen goes black count for 3 seconds now pull the trigger and you should keep most of our speed.

Magazines about Mario games and games in general.
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