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Mary-Kate & twin Ashley Thank you for visiting our Mary-Kate & Ashley videos and books store. We have a large selection of videos, books and games for you to explore. Mary-Kate & twin Ashley were born June 13, 1986 in Los Angeles, Ca. They starting acting at nine months playing in the tv series, Full House . Siblings: Older brother: Trent Younger sister: Lizzie

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Books About Mary-Kate & Ashley
The Case of the Weird Science Mystery (New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, 29)
By: Judy Katschke, Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen
Something weird is happening at the science fair! Ashley's friend Jessie's project -- a really cool robot -- is missing! Ashley and Mary-Kate think someone took the robot to keep Jessie from winning first place. Now Ashley and Mary-Kate have to find out who stole the robot before the fair is canceled! More Info click here.
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Mary Kate and Ashley Videos
Getting There (2002)
By: Steve Purcell (IV)
This G-rated effort from the wholesome twins covers the rites of passage of American 16-year-olds: getting the driver's license and getting the cherry red convertible (OK, that may not be universal). More Info click here.
Mary-Kate & Ashley Christmas Collection
By: A Vision
The first 20-minute episode packs a big holiday punch, as the twosome bakes cookies, celebrates with girlfriends, and reminisces about their gleeful ski vacation in Colorado. The other two episodes draw from Mary-Kate and Ashley's mystery series (The Case of the Christmas Caper and The Case of the Mystery Cruise.) More Info click here.
To Grandmother's House We Go
By: Jeff Franklin
When they overhear their stressed-out single mom (Northern Exposure's Cynthia Geary) calling them "a handful," twins Julie and Sarah decide to give mom a break and go to grandma's for Christmas. So they stuff their backpacks and stow away on a city bus, beginning an odyssey that will first find them in a delivery van operated by Roy Rogers-obsessed driver Eddie (soap opera veteran J. Eddie Peck). More Info click here.

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