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Music and Art appreciation at Kool Kid Stuff A free resource providing homework help in music, art,composing,art history,Fine Art and music education. Music and art allows us to express ourself with emotions. We learn to use sounds, colors, and words that express the feeling that we have and create messages for others that tell all our feelings we felt. Art and Music is an expression of our heart and soul.

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Music Links for Students and Music Educators
Art History and appreciation

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Music Links for Students and Music Educators
K-12 Resources for Music Educators
Valuable resources for music educators and students of all areas and educational levels. Regularly updated. Sites For Band Teachers and Sites For Vocal/Choral Teachers. More Info click here.
The Classical Music Pages
Provides you almost everything you need concerning classical music - its history, biographical information about composers (with portraits and short sound examples), explanations of the various musical forms and a dictionary of musical terminologies. More Info click here.
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of the Music
This resource has been assembled over more than a decade by internet encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein with assistance from the internet community. More Info click here.
DataDragon online tutorials and guides on Music Education
Come and explore some parts of music with the DataDragon online tutorials and guides. More Info click here.
Creating Music
A children's online creative music environment for children of all ages. It's a place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Great site… More Info click here.
Ricci Adams' Music Theory
Theaches you how to read notes on the staff and use ledger lines - Learn the different types of note values and how they relate to each other - Learn about the different types of rest and how they relate to each other. More Info click here.
Art History and appreciation
A huge well defined list of resources for art from all ages of civilization. Showing prehistoric art of the Paleolithic period to 21st Century Contemporary Art. Covers art from all countries and tries to covers all flavors of art More Info click here.
CGFA- A Virtual Art Museum
A great listing of art pieces by many artist from all over the world. Art covering all periods and by many diverse artist. More Info click here.
Pigments through the ages
Pigments are the basis of all paints, and have been used for millennia. They are ground colored material. Early pigments were simply as ground earth or clay, and were made into paint with spit or fat. Modern pigments are often sophisticated masterpieces of chemical engineering. More Info click here.
Causes Of Color
Why are things colored? Explore the fifteen phenonmena that create our colorful world. There are three causes. Repeated over and over, in innumerable variety, they create our colorful world. Light is made in the yellow glow of a candle. Light is lost when sunlight filters through stained glass. Light is moved when sky turns crimson sunset. More Info click here.
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To make arts education timely, engaging, interactive, and pertinent for both teachers and students of all ages. a user-friendly Web site with access to the combined art collections, libraries, and archives of the Walker Art Center and The Minneapolis Institute of Arts More Info click here.
Sanford - A lifetime of Color
All about the principles of art, color, elements, media, styles, and famous artist. Helps you learn visually what various terms mean and how to implement the different methods of creating art. More Info click here.
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