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Everything for pets. Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Rabbits and Hamsters, Pet Needs, Pet Care, Kids and Pets this is what this section is about. Training, bathing, feeding, foods, taking care and enjoying your special pet. Pets are so important to kids and teaching them to learn responsibility for a living creature.

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Books About Owning and Caring for pets
Magazines about animals, pets and wild life.
Pet Pharmacy for all your pet"s prescription
Presents for Kids with Pets And the Pets they love

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Books About Owning and Caring for pets
Are You the Pet for Me?: Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family
By: Mary Jane Checchi, Mary Jane Checci, Martha C. Armstrong
Most children, at one time or another, will ask, even plead, for a pet. And their parents, eager to give their kids what they want, will give in, too often focusing on the cute and fluffy aspects and all but ignoring the realities of pet ownership. In Are You the Pet for Me? author Mary Jane Checchi spells out not only what's in store for you as the potential pet owner, but also--and perhaps more importantly--what type of animal is best suited to your family, and even whether or not you and your kids are cut out for a pet at all. Beginning with the basics of what pet ownership can do for your family, including the opportunity for kids to learn responsibility and experience the rewards of animal companionship, Checchi moves on to the all-important step of choosing the right pet for your child. More Info click here.
The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care
By: C. J. Puotinen, Beverly Cappel-King
Alternative health titles are topping bestseller lists as people search for effective, natural ways to care for themselves and their families--and, as every pet owner knows, house pets are family too. In this revised edition of her groundbreaking work, CJ Puotinen gives animal lovers even more of the information they'll need to care for their dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits the natural way. More Info click here.
I'll Always Love You
By: Hans Wilhelm
Illus. in full color. "In this gentle, moving story, Elfie, a dachshund, and her special boy progress happily through life together. One morning Elfie does not wake up. The family grieves and buries her. The watercolor illustrations, tender and warm in color and mood, suit the simple text perfectly. More Info click here.
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Magazines about animals, pets and wild life.
Ranger Rick Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick Magazine is published by the National Wildlife Federation, and each monthly issue is specially designed to appeal to active, inquisitive kids between the ages of 7 and12. The pages are bright and glossy, visually exciting, filled with colorful animal photos, funny drawings, exciting stories, and intriguing bits of information that will keep boys and girls turning pages, looking closer, and eager to find out more.
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Wild Animal Baby Wild Animal Baby

Wild Animal Baby Magazine helps start a child down the path to a lifelong love of reading and learning. This sturdy, board format magazine is designed especially for babies and toddlers between the ages of 12 months and 3 years. Each issue is filled with rhymes, stories and lovable baby animals. Wild Animal Baby is a fun, interactive reading experience for children and parents alike.

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Presents for Kids with Pets And the Pets they love
Animal Lovers Gift Shop Animal Lovers Gift Shop Give a present that celebrates your love for your pet. Gift items and merchandise on specific animals, pets, cats, dog breeds and wildlife. Shirts, mousepads, address labels, mugs, calendars, jewelry, windchimes and much more. More Info click here. Gifts for pets Gifts for pets Select gifts for you pets. A nice basket for your dog or a catnip mouse for Miss Kitty. A nice swing for the birdie. A nice sweater for Mr Doggy. Get that bird in shape with a "Jungle Gym" for his cage. You might get a free gift also when you buy for your loved pet.. More Info click here.
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