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Great resources at A free resource providing homework help with dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Glossaries, reference books, Atlas, charts, maps, biographies, and more. We also have free learning CD's. We are providing you with both serious and fun resource sites. Some sites are simply fun places to go to learn things.

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Sites That Provide Info on many subjects
Interesting Info Sites
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The best source for your online & distance learning needs. The best source for your online & distance learning needs. Participating Universities are University of Phoenix Online, Jones International University, Penn State World Campus and many more.
Sites That Provide Info on many subjects
Listing of Sites for Reference Resources
Collection of links that library staff would find useful in conducting reference work More Info click here.
Yahoo Selection of References
dictionary, encyclopedia, quotations, and world facts. More Info click here.
Library Spot
A free virtual library resource center for educators and students, librarians and their patrons, families, businesses and just about anyone exploring the Web for valuable research information. More Info click here.
Useful Reference Sites
A to Z List of Useful Reference Sources. A browsable list of frequently used online reference sources. Online dictionaries in English and other languages. Specialized dictionaries including medical and computing terms. Translation and language information sites. More Info click here.
Great for admissions essay help.
EssayEdge is the Net's largest resource for admissions essay help.
Interesting Info Sites
Famous Birthdays -- Find famous people birthdays.
Find our who else was born on your birthday. A fun and informative site for birthdays of famous people. More Info click here.
Born On This Day In History
This website is one of the the largest (and certainly the most creative) Born On This Day resource on the Internet. Search 80,000 birthdates. Look up 1,000 famous people and their inspirational quotations. More Info click here.
Morse Code Translator
Just type in some text and the Morse Code translator will convert in to the appropriate morse code. Fun reference page for making secret codes. More Info click here.
Converting Phone numbers to words. Finds words within telephone numbers. PhoNETic also converts phonetic telephone numbers into numeric digits. More Info click here.
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
Collection of online philosophy resources. A comprehensive collection of online philosophy resources. Well-organized, easy to navigate, regularly updated. More Info click here. includes thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet and has several additional features. As it is updated often, regular visitors would do well to find out what is new and read the information about ELC. More Info click here.
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Great Quotes
The Quotations Page
The oldest quotation site on the Web, established 1994.They have a searchable database of over 15,000 quotations, Quotes of the Day, Motivational Quotes of the Day, collections of quotations by Author and by Subject, and much more. More Info click here.
Creative Quotations for Creative Thinking
Creative Quotations connects you to 50,000 quotations to inspire your creative thinking . CQ is one of the oldest, largest and most creative quotation resources on the Internet. You can search quotations by keyword, source, topic and author (including her/his name, nationality, profession and birthday). More Info click here.
Law References
Supreme Court Decisions
Contains 7,407 Decisions from volumes 300 through 422 of US Reports. Search and View Full Text of Supreme Court Decisions Issued between 1937 and 1975 More Info click here.
THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
THOMAS World Wide Web system went online in January 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. THOMAS has Searching capabilities built into the information retrieval system. More Info click here.
A Layman's Guide to Reading Court Decisions
How to read and understand Court Decisions. Many people do not read court decisions because they assume they would not understand a word of the legaleese, and this is unfortunate because most court decisions are, in fact, highly readable. More Info click here.
Lawyer Jokes and Legal Humor
Good jokes about lawyers. Like Q. What's the difference between God and a lawyer? A. God does not think he is a lawyer. More Info click here.
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