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Children safety and teenage drug problems Safety of our children is more difficult to obtain today than ever. With the greater mobility of our children and the two parent work family more prevalent than ever, it is hard to watch over and protect our children like we would like. We hope that you will find some ideas here at that will help you with this problem.

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Child Monitoring Software - Protecting Your Child on the Internet
Monitoring your children to keep them free from drugs

Childrens Christian Videos, Games and Software The finest in Children's Christian learning products for kids of all ages. Videos, Games and Software.
Child Monitoring Software - Protecting Your Child on the Internet
Parents! Net Nanny 4 is your tool to gain control of the Internet. It gives you the power and the choice over what comes in or goes out of your homes via the Internet. You have the ability to decide which web sites are appropriate and which aren’t. Some other features include complete activity logs, choice of actions if a violation occurs, control over how long children can be on-line, and free list updates with no monthly subscription fees. More Info click here. Quieteye 2.4 Child Monitoring Software: Protecting Your Child on the Internet
By: Global Village, Inc.
Software application that allows parents (employers, as well) to monitor Internet traffic, correspondence, and overall usage. Stealth-enabled, Quieteye's operation is hidden from every user except you. Accessible with a key sequence and password protected, the program records all keystrokes, including e-mails, chats, and Web addresses. You can capture screen shots with a user-defined word list or using the program's built-in timer. Reports let you view all words entered, and screen shots can be viewed in a slide-show format. Images and screen shots can also be exported for printing. More Info click here.
Child Safe 3.0
By: Webroot Software
ChildSafe is a computer monitoring utility that runs in the background, completely hidden, enabling parents to watch as much or as little of their children's computer and Internet activity as they wish. ChildSafe 3.0 now contains a blocking function that allows parents to block specific Web sites with a single mouse click. More Info click here.
Filterkeys Content Filter 5.0 [DOWNLOAD]
By: Software Appliance Company
Filterkeys™ monitors, records, and blocks email & web pages for content you specify such as obscenity, topics you define, and business confidential information. Special search engine controls block topics & links you deem inappropriate. Online privacy features are included. The Internet Historian™ records content filtering activity and other Internet activity like FTP, TELNET, email, attachments, and web surfing history in a hidden and encrypted format. More Info click here.
The Cat in the Hat - By Dr. Seuss!
The Cat in the Hat - By Dr. Seuss!
Monitoring your children to keep them free from drugs
5 Panel Drug Testing Kit 5 Panel Drug Testing Kit

These drug testing devices will test for the 5 major drug classes and give you the accurate that you desire. We have search for very accurate and reliable testing devices and these are the best. These are used by labs around the world.

04 Alcohol Detector 04 Alcohol Detector

This easy to use breath scan detector will provide a reliable indication of alcohol present in exhaled breath. Very accurate

When the Drug War Hits Home: Healing the Family Torn Apart by Teenage Drug Abuse
By: Laura Stamper
Author Laura Stamper draws on her experience as a clinician and supervisor in one of the nation's most highly regarded adolescent chemical dependency programs to explain in a simple and straightforward manner the issues behind adolescent drug abuse, the basics of intervention and treatment, and what families can realistically expect after treatment. More Info click here.
How to Cope With a Teenage Drinker: Changing Adolescent Alcohol Abuse
By: Gary G. Forrest
Alcohol abuse among teenagers has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Teenagers are starting to drink earlier than ever - typically at age thirteen or fourteen - and more of them, both boys and girls, are drinking to intoxication on a regular basis. It has been estimated that over three million teenagers are out-and-out alcoholics. Several million more have a serious drinking problem that they cannot manage on their own. More Info click here.
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