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Computer help at KoolKidStuff.com Computers are everywhere and knowning how to use them is critical once you leave school. This is a large technical subject that is fun to be involve in and does not get boring because it is always growing and changing. There are many jobs that open for individuals that understand and can work with computers effectively. We have both hardware and software help for you on this screen.

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Computers General
Windows 95/98 Me 2000 and XP

America's Favorite Online Computer Mall! Find all your computer needs for your computer projects at PC Mall. Motherboards, Modems, Video Cards and more.
Computers General
Computers: History and Development
IT Resources and Tools and Special Reports. More Info click here.
Large list of computer terms. More Info click here.
The PC Technology Guide
Topics are covered at the overview, rather than detailed technical level, so as to make the material as accessible by the PC novice as the IT professional. While its focus is current technology, the aim is to also convey a degree of historical perspective. More Info click here.
ZDNet: Reviews
Good reviews on hardware and software by knowledgeable technical people. Free IT Downloads , Computer industry hype. Price checking on many products. Good informative articles about new products. More Info click here.
Great Mac Computer hardware and software
Find all your Mac Computer products and software at Mac Mall
The Computer Workshop
If you are interested in building your own computer or upgrading your existing computer this website was made for you. It will help you select the best hardware to fit your needs. This knowledge will help you in getting a computer that is upgradeable for your specific use. More Info click here.
HardwareCentral - Tutorials - Build Your Own PC - Introduction
A mammoth tutorial to help you begin to construct your own PC. It is increasingly popular to build your own computer. In most cases, it saves money, and it guarantees you get what you want. It also assures you avoid proprietary designs many companies use to keep you coming to them for new parts. More Info click here.
Product to help you make custom computers
Custome computer pc mods : custom cases, Cold Cathode Light Kits, Complete Water Cooling Kit, Window Kit w/ 120mm Fan Cutout , Koolance Video Water Block, 350W Enermax Power Supply and more. More Info click here.
More computer items to customize your computer More computer items to customize your computer Visit Xoxide.com for the best selection of Computer Modding items on the planet! Window Kits, Fans, Cases, and Lights, MOD Supplies, Water Cooling, Case Fans, CPU Coolers ,| Cooling Accessories, Power Supplies, Keyboard / Mouse, and Rounded Cables. More Info click here.
Windows 95/98 Me 2000 and XP
A very complete reference site for all Windows operating systems. It has a large selection of MICROSOFT LINKs , Download listing, WINDOWS XP information. Refdesk contains links to over 20,000 external Internet sites. Refdesk provides these links for its readers as a convenience and for informational purposes only. More Info click here.
ZDNet: Product Guides
Window's guides for all the following systems .. Windows 98 Windows NT, Windows 95 Windows 2000, Windows 3.1, Windows CE, Windows News, Windows Downloads. More Info click here.
Microsoft Windows Support
Search Microsoft's database of support articles. The Knowledge Base has over 250,000 articles, created by Microsoft Support Professionals. Find software updates, Service Packs, patches, device drivers, and downloadable Microsoft products. More Info click here.
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
The main goal of this site is to provide clear, accurate and easy to understand information regarding Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP. Find out where Windows hides it's easter eggs. More Info click here.
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